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I personally have been Tweeting for a few months. But I use the phrase “tweeting for a few months” loosely. I haven’t been all that consistent with it, and I definitely didn’t have a strategy. I just thought it was kind of cool.

Hays, P.R. & Walker, A. (2007). Pre-exercise stretching does not impact upon running economy. The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 21(4), 1227-1232.

Twitter. Possibly the daddy of them all now! It has been a phenomenal rise for this site since it was put together, but the total uniqueness of Twitter has made it stand out from the rest. I love the fact that you have to work with 140 characters only and try to be either informative/humorous/entertaining/thought-provoking in those 140 characters, even better if you can be all those things!! Twitter is mainly an information network, people go there to get the most up to date information on their favourite subjects or people, and is often way ahead of all the traditional news channels in conveying useful reference

Google Image Search. No. Not the normal place where we search images by a particular query. But a place where you search about a particular image. Where you drag and drop an image and then Google does its magic. This particular service is indeed a path breaker in terms of searching which allows the user to search in terms of image. Click here and see it yourself.

Day by day the technology is developing with latest discovery so that the people are able to know the updated news immediately. News does not seem to be same as it always keeps on changing like a clock. People can be connected with the international news quickly. You will be easily updated with Europe news and visit this link by just sitting in a home. People belonging to Asia country can easily know the Asia news headlines delivered by the media.

Yet popular articles picked up the single negative finding only. Neither did they report that 4 other tests of strength and power were not adversely affected, nor that one was the vertical jump—the only nonlab test of power used extensively in real world sports. Further, they did not mention that stretching occurred 30 seconds before testing, in contrast to the extended time lapse of the “old school” traditional warm up that some claim to have been “disproved”. Infuse a similar telephone effect about related studies, and static stretching may even be “dangerous” as the “evidence” mounts. So it goes that dynamic stretching only is the new wave in the world of warm up.

13. Curry, B.S., Chengkalath, D., Crouch, G.J., Romance, M., & Manns, P.J. (2009). Acute effects of dynamic stretching, static stretching, and light aerobic activity on muscular performance in women. The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 23(6), 1811-1819.


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